Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Kayak trip to the Misan Valley...S.Korea

First and last trip to the Misan Valley. Who knows, maybe I'll be back. Luca and I decided to head to Gangwan-do to get a low-water spring-time kayak run in. We arrived and sure it was low, but a bit higher than last year.

Team Bliss-Stick about to leave Seoul

Countryside of's going to be a beauty of a day!

Finally found a rest stop / service station that had the famous Gangwan-do potatoes, a mandatory stop on the way to the rio, but no Heinekens

ahhh......Korea's potatoes...


sun is shining

B&W, this may be from Luca's film camera

crossing the river...nice view from the rest stop

at the put-in of Misan.....chillin'

low but still fun, since both of us haven't sat in our WW kayaks since Jinbu last November '09

Luca getting his Mystic ready...

The SCUD ready for action.

Low water, we're OK :)


kayaking always brings a smile

had to do the self-portrait for the first of the year '10


on the water, cool & crisp

1st falls had some cushion

in between drops on 1st falls

having a nice line

Luca dropping in

riding high on the bottom drop...

love it

the toilet bowl, cool formed out bowl in a huge boulder. today's flow is low enough to go inside

exiting the toilet


Luca getting face shots

1st run of the year, complete!

still smiling

Welcome to the Misan Valley :)

time to hitchhike to the put-in...

successful, we got a ride...

self shot....

Luca about to do his first solo run....I decided to sit this one out, thus Luca can feel the magical bliss of one and the river. Not recommended, but such an experience.

bridge at the put-in

ready for a solo Misan mission

not sure what he's thinking....a bit nervous, apprehensive, or just putting on his focus look?!?

from the put-in bridge. crystal clear H2O

taken from the road with my Nikon, wishing I had something bigger than a 18-200mm...
1st falls, stylin' it

this perspective, definitely looks low. It's crazy to see when the rain comes and fills the riverbed bank to bank.

Below is during the rainy season....

Much higher and greener than spring-time flow, cool, eh?

top of 'S' turn

Nice view of the boulders and watermark on the rock wall

below another perspective of high water. quite a bit more water and greenery

if you compare the two (low to high water), Luca is going between the two boulders in the middle of the river, craziness!

i think he's having fun, most definitely!

side stream long exposure...

above triple drop...almost at the take-out

droppin' in

solo mission complete

B&W with Luca's film camera

time for some Korean BBQ, nearby Misan in Sangnam. inexpensive and tasty!

inside the BBQ, ready to order....

Korean style BBQ....

Oh yeah!

Great day coming to an end, heading out of Gangwan-do and back to Seoul

Falling sun in Korea!

One more Korean Post.....Stay tuned!!!

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