Friday, October 30, 2009

late summer, early fall....random shots!'s been a while since I have posted anything....sorry about that, busy...yes, a bit lazy...yes, so here we go...I will start out with some random shots from late summer and early fall! Then, try to catch up to today...Oct. 30, 2009. So here goes....

Some city scape, heading to see a movie in Gangnam, in Seoul. Grey clouds above the towers.

This was taken from my kitchen window, maybe one of the first double rainbows I've seen in Korea. Such a tall arc too!

City kid on his way to/from a soccer game.

Layered clouds in Gangnam....just before dark waiting for a table at the Indian Curry House.

Tasty Indian food in Gangnam!

interesting street food in Myeongdong. rice cake stuffed sausage. we tried some and it was decent.

now...that's a large bowl of Bi-Bim-Bap !!!

Cool Korea brand T-shirts....Soon to be gifts for the Kiddos (my nieces and nephews) Heading home for 2 weeks in late September. :)

Cheonggye stream in Seoul....wanted to get a good B&W photo of some one crossing the stream....and two ladies came into view....nice legs, eh?

Laser show at the Cheonggye stream.....

dancing laser image on the Cheonggye stream.

funny label....."Taste coffee, tea & him"...I think I got the wrong cup!! hahaha! should be "Taste coffee, tea & her"

stack of cones....

statue and fountain near the Bank of Korea, Seoul

hmmm.....choices! which one shall I pick!

saw some characters at Bundang park...this one was my favorite. (Japanese animation character from Sergeant Keroro)

my villa in Jeongja-dong, Bundang.....South Korea

some tasty soup at a local North Korea restaurant in my neighborhood at the end of my street.

One of the Independent theater in Seoul. "Sponge"

constant construction in Seoul. Question is...Will Seoul become one of the major global cities?

homeless or drunk?? not sure....

had to take a shot of the McDonald's sign in Korean characters.

OK.....this is my new, well used scooter. I bought it on-line through Craigslist-Korea. Got a super sweet deal. Very cheap!!! It's a 50cc Aprilia Habana Custom. Must say pretty sweet ride. It zips along. makes for a great commuter. It has even made the trip to/from Seoul a handful of times.

Looking for a cover for the rainy days since it will be parked outside by my place.

mirrored image....

On a scooter ride to Seoul....some lone towers near COEX.

Check this guy out...he's all decked out on the Harley.

Well....that was the first round! I have about 3 more posts to upload...Hopefully real soon! Stay tuned for some more of my life in S.Korea.... :D