Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random images from Mar. 2010....

Some random images including around Seoul. The big city always has something interesting to catch one's eye.

this is making me miss my road bike....

salsa, flamenco, not sure.

hanging gas pumps, always trying to save some space...

cool discovery. engine repair alley

weathered fruit stand man taking a break and resting his eyes

Namdaemun Market Seoul, you can just about find anything here. Always fun to walk through.

Namdaemun vendor

Rhubarb pie from Tartine in Itaewon. The best pie place in Seoul.

one of my all time favorite movies

some italian goods...

almost empty campari and vodka

teapots outside my neighborhood North Korean restaurant

A spring snowfall and morning walk to Seohyeon station to meet a friend.

one of my favorite snowy tree shots...I really like the sky tones

dark cold stream + one lone duck

a little game of b-ball at the local court at the Tancheon river park


a view from above, sidewalk in Gangnam, Seoul

one of the busy crosswalks in Gangnam, Seoul.

waiting for the bus

mirrored image from above

Gangnam, Seoul...rooftop shot

Gangnam intersection on a Sunday night.

traditional Hanbok and Korean nut bars/snacks. Insadong, Seoul

old narrow alley way near Dongdaemun Market, Seoul

Gamjatang - Potato Soup Gamjatang
Ingredients: the broth from pork neck bone or backbone, add potato and meat and season with spicy hot red pepper.

Cheers with a Guinness :)

MTB with PIOS....

Great morning ride with Pios from Suwon. Another adventure across the main interstate from my place in Bundang. Always nice to ride something new. And with a singlespeed, the challenge is always there, not know what kind of climbing you'll face. Grueling or mellow.

Through the tunnel to the other side....

early morning, just waking up and cruising the pavement to the trailhead.

looking ahead at the mountains, soon to be over there

some modern style housing

and finally on some single track, yahoo. Narrow single track and barely ridden.

very strange, so many downed trees in one area...we joked around and said that there was some predator living up in this mountain.

top of the mountain...

figuring out which way to go.

nice rolling mountains...getting out of the concrete jungle is always a plus


ancestral mountain grave site. unique to Korea, some of them are very immaculate, this one just average.

finding our way, definitely some fun tight single track...

off the trail, I think we missed out turn...

self shot....enjoying the moment

blurred movement

nearing the bottom...

cruising back to Jeongja-dong

Upon arriving home, we decided to grab some lunch at the North Korean Restaurant in my neighborhood, tasty!
Above, while Pios was parking, another car slammed into his rear bumper, causing a temporary delay. But all was well.

some sides before the main dish. one of my favorites is the Bindaeddeok. Kind of Korean style pancake, but made out of a type of bean sprout, with some vegetables. delish!

one of their specialties called 'Naengmyeon.' Cold buckwheat noodles.

Hope you enjoyed the ride. See you soon!