Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Semester Ends, 4 days off....Yahoo!

Well, the first semester just finished...long 4 day weekend ahead...time to relax, hang out in Jeongja, ride my mtb, study Korean language, read, walk around, eat good food....i think you get the picture....

Below is Thurs. night after work. A few Korean teachers leaving the academy and 4 days off...time to celebrate. Local bar across the street from the academy called, "CHEERS!" Where everybody knows your name!

Hanging out, having some beer, eating some food, and laughing about the simple pleasures in life.

OK...Kevin.... So, you really want to know....?

Not too late of a night....the next day, TGIF and no work! Beautiful bluebird day, and time to explore a new trail. I have been here, but where I am about to go is unknown to me. Therefore, I printed out a map, grabbed my compass and headed out for some more spectacular single track, I hope!

Some pretty buff single track, time to let it roll! Checking out the plastic on the trees with the green tape. Hmmm....Some kinda tree testing. Maybe!

Another sign with a skull and cross-bones...beware! This is meant as a caution to individuals not to tap the trees for water for medicinal purposes. Poisonous...beware! OK, I'm glad I brought my Camelbak for hydration.

Looking back towards Jeongja in the distance. A little smoggy, nice to be out in the mountains and a bit more fresh air. Some new home sites below.....

Nice looking places outside of the city...

It's nice with the leaves off the trees and the colder temps, you notice more of the surroundings.

Whoa, am I in Colorado. Where did this house come from? There are normal "Western Suburbia" houses here. Colorado bluebird skies above, what a day!

A look down at a big country club. The course looked pretty easy, not that I know my golf, but the fairways were pretty straight. Nice to see more hills in the distance.

Time to check the map and the signs. Pull out the compass, re-fuel the body, stretch, etc.

Made it to the top of the mountain. I had to hike-a-bike for a little bit, therefore the downhill on the other side should be technical and fun. So far, it's been smooth rolling single track.

A shot of some mountain trekkers having some lunch....

Am I going the right way?

Ah, I recognize the lake in the distance. This is near the beginning of the "Cafe 32" loop. I always wondered what it was like up here, where I currently am riding. Cool! More good trails.

The downhill was fun and a bit technical....amazed some hikers on my ability to navigate the steep rocky cascading trail. OK, a few sections I had to walk, tried to ride, but.....

Here's a shot for Tim and Chad back in Boulder. Kinda looks Dry Gulch'ish.
This part of the downhill ruled. Following a small stream for a while. Will be back for this section.

Some of you may recognize this photo. The area felt familiar as I was riding by. I asked someone to take my picture, and they mentioned that this was a really good restaurant. I said, "I know!" Really, "why yes...I have connections." The person was surprised. Thank you Hyo-jeong.
Look back at the last posting for a look at the tasty food.

Well, that's all for now. I did enjoy my 4 days off and this was just the beginning.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride! :)